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The Best Massage Spa In Atascadero, CA

Rejuvenating Services In Our Tranquil Setting

Choose from our list of services accompanied with a free table shower!

Swedish Massage

Increase Oxygenation Of Blood And Remove Metabolic Waste

In this session, our licensed therapists apply pressure on to the energy lines of your body to stimulate and soothe the nervous system. Basic Swedish massage strokes like long sweeping strokes, kneading the muscles, rhythmic tapping, friction, vibration or shaking are delivered in our serene spa setting. When special movements are performed, it helps to trigger the seven energy centers of the body and release energy blockages. Focusing on the pressure points, our therapists massages the whole body to detoxify, energize, and strengthen the whole system.
Contact our Swedish massage therapist in Paso Robles, CA to ease muscle strain, and reduce physical and emotional stress. Call 805-423-5366 and book a Swedish massage session now.

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect For Releasing Chronic Muscle Tension

This type of massage treatment uses firm weight and ease back strokes to reach further layers of muscle and the connective tissue encompassing muscles. It's utilized for injuries, chronic pain, back, and neck pain, upper back, sore shoulders, etc. Our deep tissue massage therapists at our Sakura Massage spa use different combination of massaging techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. They use knuckles, elbows, hands, fingertips, and forearms to apply deep pressure onto the energy lines of the human body for releasing energy blockages.
Contact our therapists for a one on one personalized massage treatment at our luxurious spa. Call 805-423-5366 and book a deep tissue massage now for ultimate back pain remedy.

Hot Stone Treatment

Ideal Treatment For Back Pain And Aches

The nature of the treatment relies upon how well the therapists have been prepared, how experienced he or she is, and whether he or she enjoys doing the treatment. A few advisors don't care to do it because the hot stones are hard to deal with. Even a fabulous back rub therapist will have less experience in hot stone massage. To ensure you get a remarkable hot stone treatment, you should reach out to us. We deliver effective hot stone massage treatments by placing hot basalt stones on to the spines of your body for utmost relaxation. The heat plays a major role in relieving muscle soreness and aches.
Our enthusiastic, Asian massage therapists deliver exceptional hot stone treatment in Paso Robles, CA. Call us at 805-423-5366 to book your massage session at affordable prices.