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Wonderful Asian Massage In Morro Bay, CA

Serving the Morro Bay region

Sakura Spa Massage Center

Welcome to the world of Asian Massage Spa!
Starting from humble beginnings, we are now recognized as one of the best in the spa industry. Our sustained excellence and higher quality standards in hospitality are our key success. Our unique combination of relaxation massages and full body treatments include hand selected natural extracts to provide luxurious spa services to a wide variety of clients like adults, college students, and couples. Our beautiful natural setting in Morro Bay shares a set of signature experiences to help you feel better and live better. Our goal is to provide incredible spa treatments and create everlasting memories by rejuvenating your soul, mind, and body.

Our features include

Private Massage/ VIP Room
Treatment room with luxurious high end facilities are provided for delivering quality body massage treatments.
Elegant Ambiance
The welcoming soothing ambiance and aromatic fragrance can help you get lost into a new world of peace and harmony.
Free Table Shower Available
We offer free table shower services to flush out the harmful impurities and toxins to relax and revitalize your mind, soul and body.
Signature Treatment Sessions
You can choose from our glorious range of Asian massage services that serves as a powerful ingredient in enhancing your quality of life. Discover your personal revitalizing treatments to delight your senses and increase your overall health benefit.
Sakura Massage treatments are totally tailored to meet your personal needs. Each of our personalized services offers a more detailed touch. Our memorable holistic treatments are delivered with the help of skilled therapists.
Our Mission
Sakura Spa is focused on giving advanced and innovative services to each one of our customers by using great contemporary styles discovered nowhere else. We are highly committed to provide ultimate guest experience with personalized attention, all delivered in a warm and unwinding environment.
Best Asian Massage In Morro Bay, CA

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We offer affordable services for luxurious spa treatments. Our high standard of treatments and facilities are worth the price. Get pampered in our relaxing ambience and clean environment. We provide 100% privacy and safety to all our clients. Check out how our clients enjoy in our peaceful and soothing spa setting.